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White Squares

To avoid translucency of printed colour on transparent foil, white background is necessary.

White Squares help you underlay your motifs.

We offer them as free service.

White Squares are definite and cannot be modified.

White Squares

Our white backgrounds in flexo printing - we offer 6 variants to you free of charge!

White Squares front White Squares back
Transparent OPP foil  

print effect translucent
when printed without White Squares

White OPP-Foil  
whole bag white

White Square 2  

front white

back transparent

White Square 3  

upper half white
lower half transparent
both sealing seams white

White Square 4  
whole bag white
transparent triangle
front right

White Square 5  
upper part white
middle transparent
lower part white (10mm)

White Square 6  
front white
bag transparent
both sealing seams transparent